Tranax ATMs – What are they?

Tranax is a popular brand when it comes to ATM machines. If you’re looking to setup an ATM or add to an existing network of ATMs, reliability is still one of the most important features. Having to spend less while keeping the machine up 24/7 is something Tranax ATMs specialize in. With less need for maintenance, it means more profits.

ATMs are solely for convenience. And with there being a wide variety of ATM options, there are certain ATMs that are better for certain industries. Tranax ATM machines are unique.

One of the main features Tranax touts is that their ATM also acts as a ticket kiosk. This type of ATM is suited for movie theaters as there are many cases where customers do not have enough cash for movie tickets. They would either have to look for an ATM store or stop by another place. Owning an ATM or ticketing kiosk ATM would secure these types of customers.

Since Tranax is a kiosk and ATM combined, you can get a ticket and money for popcorn and drinks. This is just one of the many options you’ll get with Tranax ATM machines. It puts the upsell in the machine and increases the theater’s overall revenue.

There Tranax ATM machines that also offer coin exchange and check cashing capabilities. More services lead to more opportunities for customers to stop by the ATM, and Tranax knows this so they have ATM options with multiple services.

While Tranax ATMs may seem like the obvious choice, it is still an ATM and needs to be serviced. Just because it provides more functions than a regular ATM does not mean it will not break. Business owners still have to keep in mind that technology does not always work, but having one that is reliable with a lot of services is better than just a simple ATM and Tranax ATMs do that.

Tranax brags that they have 60,000 ATM machines of various capabilities. If you think you have seen everything, try seeing if Tranax has a better solution.