Mobile ATMs

Hosting an event or market where a lot of vendors only accept cash or only accept cash? You will definitely need an ATM to provide visitors with the ability to withdraw cash. If these potential customers are ignored, it is basically throwing away potential money.

In today’s age, many customers use card only and do not carry amounts of cash sufficient for events. Even if people still do use a lot of cash, it is mostly for purchases under $10. If your event has vendors that have items over $10, it is definitely a sign to prepare an ATM!

For events, Los Angeles ATM Machines provide cash or cashless ATMs. Cash ATMs are the typical ATMs found in stores, and we also handle the installation and pickup. You have the option to exchange vouchers when you use cashless ATMs as those only dispense receipts, but it is a lot handier than having to deal with a cash ATM. Usually Cash ATMs work the best unless there are only a few large vendors.