ATM Machine Lease

If you do not qualify for free ATM placement, there is the option of buying or leasing an ATM. Leasing mayhave more benefits than buying an ATM.

If you buy an ATM, you will be responsible for all costs that the ATM may incur. There is generally a one year warranty on both ATM parts and labor, but after that, all parts and services will not be covered. Know your terms before signing.

When leasing, you receive more repair assistance but all ATM companies differ. Make sure you know if you can opt out if your machine does not perform and make sure you read the contract.

Buying an ATM is more costly upfront, but you get the benefit of owning your own ATM machine. Leasing may be cheaper upfront but you pay more in the long term as long as you do not own it.

Research your options before you choose to lease or buy an ATM. Even though ATMs usually generate profit, bad terms may negate that, so make sure you understand your terms.