San Bernandino CBD

If you are a CBD store owner and looking for a San Bernardino CBD ATM Machine, the ATM Company can get you an ATM installed as soon as next Wednesday. While CBD and Marijuana acceptance is increasing, it is still Federally illegal. CBD may not have the psychoactive effects Marijuana does but it is still classified under the same risk category for most payment processors.

The ATM Company, however, is the ONLY COURT APPROVED ATM COMPANY for CBD and Marijuana related businesses in California ! We provide San Bernardino CBD ATM Machines and can get you more information or scheduling if you contact us. We handle all issues regarding the ATM after the initial transaction and installation. All San Bernardino CBD ATMs come with free servicing, installation, and reloading.

Whether you are a CBD business owner near National Orange Event Center or the History and Railroad Museum, a San Bernardino CBD ATM Machine will benefit your business. Some customers and tourists look for stores solely based off whether they have an ATM or not, and with an ATM, the increased access to cash and surcharges leads to increased revenue. Top CBD/Marijuana stores like Captain Jacks use compliant ATMs to stay legal and increase revenue. Despite CBD having apparent health benefits, it is still classified as illegal under Federal laws. This causes issues with typical payment processing but The ATM Company can help you get a compliant San Bernardino CBD ATM Machine. Want one less legal issue to worry about? Let us help, just call.