East Hollywood Bar

Owning an East Hollywood ATM Machine has proven to be successful for our bar and nightclub clients. They report that they see increases in revenue and profit just a few months after we installed an ATM there. With tourists and other Southern California coming to visit Madison Park and the Municipal Art Museum, some stay to experience the night life as well. The bar and night owners reported that they got a lot of questions about whether they had an ATM, but after saying no many times, getting one installed worked out well for them.

If you are an East Hollywood bar owner, getting an ATM installed is one easy way to increase your bar’s revenue and average order value. There are some customers that choose places to visit based on whether or not the place has an ATM, and these people also usually spend more than the average customer. When they withdraw from the ATM, it is usually only in amounts of $20, so they also have more to spend and do not think about the differences in costs. The fact that they also get charged a surcharge is a simple way to add that onto your profits as well. Customers that had to ask the East Hollywood bar owners probably stopped by other ATMs, but having an ATM at the bar would capture regular customers as well.

We are local to Los Angeles and can have your East Hollywood Bar ATM Machine serviced within 24 hours if you have any issues with the ATM. We make it easy to get one installed and maintained. Call us and get an East Hollywood ATM installed as soon as next week!