Increase Sales. There have been many studies that show ATMs increase store revenue by around 8%.

Increased Average Transaction Value. Customers that withdraw cash from an ATM usually spend it at the location. Up to 75% of the cash that is withdrawn is spent in businesses like bars and marijuana dispensaries, but other stores retain around 30%.

Reduce Chargebacks. Cash does not disappear after you accept it. When customers withdraw from an ATM instead of using card, it lowers the number of potential chargebacks and bounced checks.

Extra Security. Our ATMs are bolted down and have multiple safeguards protecting the money. It greatly reduces theft and potential robberies.

Reduced card fees.  No one likes debit or credit card fees. ATMs reduce card transactions and the amount of card fees you need to pay. Instead of paying to process cards, you can instead redirect them to the ATM and make more money.

Convenience. Having an ATM in your store means your customers will not have to drive all the way to the bank and back. It creates a win-win situation for both the business and customer.

Brings Value. Owning an ATM is better than not owning an ATM. We make it easy to get one installed so people solely looking for ATMs or your customers will all benefit.

Attract customers. Some customers choose stores based off whether they have an ATM or not. ATM users also have a tendency to spend more than the average customer.

More Profit. Surcharge fees are more then enough to cover the cost of the ATM, it is another benefit of owning an ATM, but the additional sales from ATM users will cause profits to increase more noticeably.

Facts & Figures

  • Customers that withdraw from an ATM spend 25% more than non-ATM customers
  • ATMs also have regulars and 40% of them usually keep coming back
  • Customers asking for an ATM is the second most asked question for stores
  • Store revenue increases by around 8% due to ATM user spending habits
  • ATMs can have regulars, and sometimes they may be mistaken as store regulars
  • We handle all the credit card risk when customers use ATMs, making it less risky for your business
  • People are more willing to pay surcharges than drive to a bank and back