NAC visits White House to keep Cash

The NAC, or National ATM Council, recently finished their meetings with the White House.

The NAC has annual events where they meet with around 60 lawmakers and push to keep support of cash payments. The 2019 event had the most attendees ever in the ATM lobbying history.

But basically, the main point of the NAC traveling to meet with lawmakers was to push for continued support of cash payment in the United States and law against bias towards ATM entrepreneurs. You may think it is not even close to cashless options taking over, but the National ATM Council believes prevention is a very good option.

Some states have passed laws saying cash is here to stay, but the NAC pushed Congress for a law to be passed nationally. An everyday consumer or even business owners may not notice any issues with their bank account, but the ATM industry is being affected by banks closing down accounts related to the ATM industry.

This is because ATM companies are said to have very “high risk” activity and accounts. The NAC followed up with this large 2019 lobbying event because of the many reports of ATM bank accounts being shut down.