CBD Safe and effective

CBD is becoming the next big “miracle” drug in states that have accepted medical marijuana. CBD is the non intoxicating cannabinoid in medical marijuana and is being treated as a medicine with the benefits of marijuana without the “high”. Because the pain relief element of Marijuana is one of the major benefits of it, people researched and found that CBD is the cannabinoid that treats epilepsy, anxiety, and inflammation.

A lot of marketing for CBD is mostly marketing though, and there still needs to be more research and evidence before CBD can be marked as a miracle drug. Because marijuana is such a fickle topic in the U.S. a lot of regulations and rules are unclear, but some are taking advantage of the fact that CBD is not as regulated and producing products of varying quality.

It seems that there would be a central lab that can test all CBD and Marijuana products, but there are only private companies that consumers have to take their word for. The labels are not regulated so shady companies can also just put whatever they want on the label.

Despite all of this, CBD still has a lot of users backing it, saying it actually made a difference in their life for the better. One use for CBD that actually has significant evidence, is its use to treat epilepsy. It is the only area where the FDA approved its use because of its effectiveness in comparison to other drugs. For other uses like anxiety, depression, and pain relief, there is not enough data to make the call, but there are a lot of users that report a better life after trying CBD.