CBD for pain management

CBD is one of the 120 cannabinoids in Marijuana. It is a cannabinoid found in other natural plants, but it is most known for being the second most abundant cannabinoid in Marijuana. CBD is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the pain relief and other health benefits when people use medical marijuana. It does not cause the “high” as CBD does not have any psychoactive effects due to the receptors accepting CBD differently.

When cannabinoids enter the body, they are processed differently and the body produces its own elements called endocannabinoids, and the effects depend on what endocannabinoid is produced. CBD does not necessarily do much to the endocannabinoids, but it inhibits other compounds in the endocannabinoid system.

CBD relieves pain because it stops the body from absorbing anandamide, which basically lowers the amount of pain the body feels.

CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, which has higher levels of CBD than Marijuana, and the extract is then added to a carrier oil. The Oil then can be used in many ways or even directly.

CBD is most commonly used for epilepsy, insomnia, and pain relief. There still needs to be more research to prove its effects, but there are already many cases of people reporting relief after using CBD. Because it does not cause any intoxicating effects, CBD is a more widely accepted medication for pain and other ailments.